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Communication Access


Communication is at the core of every healthcare interaction. For people who have speech, language and hearing difficulties, Communication Access increases their participation in healthcare and enhances safety and quality of care. Using practical tools and strategies improves health outcomes and interactions are more satisfying for both patients and healthcare providers.

Why Is Communication Access Important In Healthcare?

Communication Access is what we do to improve two-way communication with patients who have speech, language and hearing needs. Read the overview of the impact communication needs have on patients.

Communication Access Video - This short video provides an overview of six helpful strategies you can incorporate into day to day conversations.

Displaying the Communication Access Symbol – Displaying Communication and Hearing Access symbols helps people to know you will do what you can to accommodate their communication needs. This resource will help you know when and how to display the symbols.

For more information about what we have heard from patients, review Perspectives From Previously Ventilated Patients.

Communication Access

General overview of Communication Access.


Tools & Resources

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