Early Hearing Detection & Intervention (EHDI) Program

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Newborn Hearing Screening

After the birth of your baby, you will be offered hearing screening for your baby. Without screening, it can be hard to tell if your baby has hearing loss. It’s best to have your baby screened before 1 month old.

Hearing screening is quick, safe, and will not hurt your baby. Newborn hearing screening is offered in all NICUs and most postpartum hospital units and many community health centres.

Your baby’s hearing is important for many areas of child and brain development. Hearing loss can delay your child’s speech, learning and social skills.

Screening is the best way to find out if your baby has hearing loss. The earlier hearing loss is found, the sooner your baby will have the care and support needed to help them reach their full potential.  

If you are a healthcare provider, visit Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Information for Health Professionals.

Program Overview

Screening is offered by Alberta Health Services (AHS) through the Early Hearing Detection & Intervention (EHDI) Program.

All babies born or living in Alberta are offered screening for permanent hearing loss, within 90 days of birth. Newborn hearing screening is free.

For an overview of the newborn hearing screening program in Alberta, watch the video Alberta's Early Hearing Detection & Intervention (EHDI) Program.

If you’re ever concerned about your baby’s hearing, talk with your health care provider or call Health Link at 811.

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