Radiation Treatment

Radiation treatment is a type of cancer treatment that:

  • Uses high energy x-rays to kill cancer cells and shrink tumours
  • Treats many types of cancer as well as some conditions that are non-cancerous.
  • Can be used alone or combined with other treatments such as surgery, or chemotherapy.

It is usually given by external beam, where the radiation is made by a machine outside the body and aimed at the tumour or cancer. Sometimes, radiation treatment is given internally, where the radioactive sources is placed inside the body, either in the tumour or close to it. This is called brachytherapy.

Books, Class & Videos

Radiation - Information and Resources for Patients and Families

Radiation - Information and Resources for Patients and Families


Radiation Treatment Video Series

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Class Presentations

Preparing for Radiation Treatment

In this class presentation on Radiation Treatment, a radiation therapist and nurse from Cancer Care Alberta will talk about what Radiation Treatment is, what radiation treatments are like, how together we keep you safe and resources available to help you through treatment.