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AHS Innovation Pipeline

This framework guides the testing of innovation within Alberta’s health care system, providing a standardized set of evidence requirements that align to organizational definitions of value, can be measured and validated, and reflect real-world settings to allow the most effective, efficient delivery of solutions.

The AHS Innovation Pipeline defines at 5-step process that guides early, rigorous and ongoing testing of innovations through various stages of implementation in partnership with researchers, patients and health care teams. This process provides the evidence needed to safely move good ideas into action while driving long term sustainability of AHS as a learning health system.


Health Evidence Reviews

Providing evidence synthesis, critical analysis and an Alberta perspective, Health Evidence Reviews support decision-makers by evaluating innovations (technologies, services, models of care), their impacts, and corresponding changes in health policy that might be needed to solve health challenges and optimize health service delivery on a provincial scale. Reviews align with strategic priorities and provide a pathway to action. Funding for Health Evidence Reviews is provided by Alberta Health.

Partnership for Research & Innovation in the Health System (PRIHS)

PRIHS is a partnership between Alberta Innovates and AHS aimed at improving health outcomes, quality and value.

It connects Alberta’s academic institutions and researchers with patients, SCNs, clinical partners and operational leaders to:

  • align knowledge generation activities with priority health system needs
  • build capacity for rigorous data collection and analysis
  • enable pragmatic trials (pilot testing) within clinical settings
  • identify and refine solutions that address challenges within Alberta’s health system
  • translate evidence into practice, implement solutions, and accelerate system-level improvements


Recent competitions:

Health Innovation Implementation and Spread (HIIS) Fund

HIIS funding supports provincial implementation, spread and scale of solutions that address priority health system challenges and have proven impact and value (i.e., positive health outcomes, return on investment, or social impacts) based on evidence from research projects or pilot studies. HIIS funding is a partnership between Alberta Health and AHS.