Health System Access for Research

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Doing Research with Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services’ (AHS) Health System Access (HSA) team works with Alberta’s academic institutions, affiliated research institutes and centres to support health research. If your research requires access to AHS areas or facilities, data or IT systems, patients or staff, the necessary approvals for each resource requirement must be obtained.

The individual resource approvals combine to generate an “Administrative Approval”. The Administrative Approval, whether provided by NACTRC or HSA, is a requirement to launch the research study. The HSA team provides services and advisory support to help you access the resources that your study needs.

AHS has policies, procedures and best practice guidelines to assist researchers. Choose from the boxes below to learn more about the resources available to guide you in the set-up and conduct of your research studies at AHS.

If you have a question about conducting research within AHS, you can contact the HSA team at .