Nutrition & Food Services

Information for Albertans

Nutrition Services

Provides nutrition counselling and expertise to help Albertans enjoy good health, prevent and manage chronic diseases, and recover from illness and surgery.


Patient Food Services

Provides quality food services to patients and residents to support optimal patient outcomes and quality of life.


Retail Food Services

Provides food and beverage options to staff and visitors at facilities across the province.


Our Areas of Service

The Nutrition and Food Services (NFS) Department has three main areas:

  • Nutrition Services (NS) - Dietitians
  • Patient Food Services (PFS)
  • Retail Food Services (RFS) - Cafeteria Services

Visit each of our three areas at the top of the page to learn more about the services that we provide.

What We Do

  • Serve safe, nutritious and high quality meals to our patients, residents and retail customers.
  • Promote our Meals Matter philosophy.
  • Provide food options to staff, visitors, volunteers and physicians through our retail services.
  • Provide group and individual nutrition care to inpatients, outpatients and homecare clients.
  • Set and implement healthy eating and nutrition guidelines.
  • Plan and implement Population Public Health strategies.

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