Parking Services

Parking is an important part of the services we provide at AHS to our patients, visitors and staff. We need appropriate and accessible parking to help deliver the quality of care we provide to Albertans every day.

Healthcare dollars are used to fund patient care services, not building parkades. AHS parking facilities are required to be self-sustaining. Parking fees must cover all operating costs (including long term debt), maintenance and construction of new parking structures. We recognize that paying for parking can be an extra financial burden on some, to compensate we’ve tried to keep our rates competitive and in most cases below market value.

We also encourage patients, visitors and public parkers to use the AHS Parking app. The AHS Parking app allows visitors and patients to pay for AHS parking using their mobile devices, receive alerts when their parking time is about to expire, extend their parking without running back to feed the meter and stop their parking time if an appointment ends earlier than expected. The app can be downloaded for free to any iPhone or android device.

Did You Know?

Parking is an ancillary service, which means that no government-provided healthcare dollars can be used to build, lease, maintain or administer parking. All parking-related costs must be fully recovered through fees collected from users of the service