Tobacco & Vaping Resources for Teachers

Innovative, evidence-based resources that follow best practices in prevention education:

  • activity books
  • grade-specific detailed lesson outlines
  • interactive presentations
  • material to encourage class discussion
  • a variety of pre-developed cross-curricular activities to integrate into a variety of learning experiences

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Tobacco & Vaping Information

Be Tobacco Smart (Grades K-3)

Be Tobacco Smart is a booklet that tells the story of three young children who find tobacco litter on the ground. Guided by their new friend Duke the Dog, they learn about how tobacco can harm their health, the environment and even their pets!

Along the way, they meet Elder Eagle, who shares with them why tobacco is special to many Indigenous people.

Using activities, such as word searches, crossword puzzles, as well as colouring pages, the booklet provides an opportunity to begin the discussion about tobacco with very young children – whether by parents, community health providers, or teachers.

The Academy for Tobacco Prevention (Grades 4-6)

These resources educate and engage students about the harms of tobacco use and the health benefits of never using tobacco products. These resources are innovative, evidence-based, and follow best practice in prevention education.

Lessons for each grade will:

  • Give students or kids factual information
  • Help them understand the risks seen with tobacco use
  • Teach kids ways they can recognize negative social influences
  • Develop strategies to learn how to resist pressure to use tobacco products
  • Develop a sense of purpose as they work together on a common goal


GeminAI Rising (Grades 7-9)

GeminAI Rising is an online learning experience for young people in grades 7 to 9. There are subsequent lesson plans for teachers to facilitate in the classroom.

The 5 lessons of GeminAI Rising cover 5 domains of social competence:

  • problem solving
  • decision making
  • critical thinking
  • self-concept
  • coping skills

Focusing on competency development lessens the likelihood a young person will experience health risks and also equips them with tools and confidence to respond to life’s challenges, including influences that contribute to nicotine and like substance use.

GeminAI game screen

This innovative learning experience moves away from instructional methods that have been shown not to work, such as fear-based messaging, and instead calls our attention to 3 key actions:

  1. Building social competence
  2. Providing meaningful learning experiences
  3. Strengthening media literacy