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Environmental Public Health

Special Events | Community Organization Functions | Private / Restricted Events | Bake Sales | Petting Zoos / Other Animal Events

Special Events

An event that:

  • is open to the general public
  • Includes vendors who are not volunteers
  • Examples: fairs, festivals, carnivals

Be sure to submit your notification form before requesting EPH signature on AGLC application forms.

Community Organization Functions

An event that:

  • Is organized by a not-for-profit organization for fundraising or social purposes
  • Uses ONLY volunteers to obtain, prepare and serve food (no other food vendors)
  • Examples: community sports event or day, wild game dinners

Private or Restricted Functions

An event that:

  • Isn’t open to general public
  • Is organized by community organization or individual
  • Requires a personal invitation to attend
  • Examples: employee potlucks, weddings, family reunions
  • Notification not required

Bake Sales

An event that:

  • Sells low-risk foods such as cookies, muffins and bread
  • Is organized by not-for-profit organization for a charitable purpose
  • Is not part of a special event

Petting Zoos and Other Animal Events