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Home Care Request for Expression of Interest & Qualification (RFEOIQ)

Alberta Health Services (AHS) and Alberta Health (AH) are working together to improve continuing care options for all Albertans. On Thursday, June 2, AHS issued a Request for Expression of Interest and Qualification (RFEOIQ) to identify opportunities for innovative Home Care service delivery in Alberta. Learn more.

Our Philosophy: Living Better Staying Longer

Alberta Health Services’ focus is creating an environment where you are able to live at home independently for as long as possible. While Home Care services are most commonly delivered in your home, flexibility exists to deliver services in a variety of other settings.

Continuing care services are available once you or your loved one have contacted and been assessed by a Case Manager.

What is Home Care?

  • Home Care is publicly funded personal and healthcare services for clients of all ages living in a private residence or other setting, such as suites in a retirement residence
  • Home Care helps people remain well, safe and independent in their home for as long as possible
  • Home Care philosophy promotes client independence, and supplements care and supports provided by families and community services
  • In addition, clients may be eligible for basic housekeeping services for a fee

Who is Home Care For?

  • Anyone living in Alberta with a valid healthcare card can receive Home Care services, as long as their needs can be met safely in their place of residence
  • Home Care provides help with activities of daily living that the client cannot do themselves or cannot get help with from another source; these are often activities that are considered necessary for the client to safely maintain their independence, like personal hygiene or medication management

Who Provides Care in Home Care?

  • AHS provides healthcare services or contracts other home care providers to provide care
  • Healthcare services are provided by a team of skilled individuals who support the client to continue living in the community
  • Depending on your needs, your care team may include a nurse, social worker, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, to name a few
  • The client and family are active partners of the care team

Home Care does not provide all services a client may need, but can help arrange other supports provided in your community. A case manager works directly with the client and is responsible for assessing the client’s needs, and ensuring the overall coordination of care and services.

Home Care In My Zone

You can contact 811 to be connected to a home care office in your zone OR use the phone numbers below for a specific office near you.

Contact information by zone:

Each number is staffed by Registered Nurses who can answer any questions and provide you with resources and supports available in your community. They are happy to discuss your healthcare needs, complete an assessment and send a referral to the most appropriate AHS healthcare provider or service. Anyone can call for information.

If you are unsure which zone your community is located in, please visit: AHS in My Zone.