Capital Projects

Providing patient-centred and quality health care to Albertans not only requires the best people and programs, but the best facilities to meet the needs of all people.

As the population of Alberta evolves, new technologies develop and new ideas emerge about how best to deliver health care. Alberta Health Services and the Government of Alberta is anticipating needs, planning for the future and investing in the construction, redevelopment and renovation of facilities in every part of the province.

In order to meet Alberta Health Service’s priorities of increased access and improved quality of service, AHS and the Government of Alberta collaboratively plan, build and deliver health care facilities.

Alberta Health Services, Alberta Health and Alberta Infrastructure work together to identify capital needs and priorities. This collaboration ensures that Albertans receive the quality health facilities they expect and deserve and also improves the value that taxpayers receive for their investment in infrastructure.

Through targeted capital investments, we are working to improve wait times in Alberta’s emergency rooms. New hospitals and specialty care facilities will also increase access to high priority services, like cancer care, orthopedic surgery and cardiac care. We are also in the midst of a significant expansion of our continuing care options and services.

We will continue to update you as our capital projects evolve.

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